Miniseries #005, John Hardy IV

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Miniseries #005, John Hardy IV

Hi Everyone,

From the C chord variation from the last video, now we go back to the G chord. We are going to do mostly backward/forward rolls in this section. This section will give your right hand a bit of a workout. I'd like to mention again, after good practice of all the rolls we have gone over so far, you will be able to do many things with your right hand without even thinking about. This does take time and practice though, so keep at your practice of the rolls. I practice rolls all the time. Sometimes without even using any left hand fingering. This helps to keep your right hand strong and versatile.

I'd also like to make mention throughout this section that when we picked and fretted the fourth string just behind the third fret......that was giving us the color of a G7th chord within the following roll. If you went through the series on 7th chords you will see that that fingering gives us the G7th. That G7th sound is the perfect compliment chord extentsion leading to yet another C chord in the next portion of this song.

Keep it goin,


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