200+ Free Banjo Video Lessons with David Cavage

Including tablature and technique tips. Genres of music will primarily be Bluegrass banjo, but other styles such as Jazz and Rock can be visited. This blog is a continuation of the original MusicMoose.org lessons which David started on September 02, 2006

A personal message from David Cavage:
I'd like to give a big THANKS to my friend Bill for creating this blog with all the old Moose banjo lessons! I thought they were gone for good, but Bill managed to download them at the time, and I'm very happy he did!
All I ask of anyone, is that if they feel they have learned anything on our behalf, and feel inclined, is to donate a dollar or two to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital -  https://www.stjude.org/ - here in the U.S., or a Children's Charity in your part of the World.

To get the full benefit of these free banjo lessons, please read the additional information in the notes beneath each video lesson.

Enjoy your journey!

These banjo video lessons were downloaded and converted to the .WMV file format using the free 'Non-Activated' version of avs4you software. Because of this, the videos have been imprinted with the avs4you watermark. Although this is inconvenient, it is the quality of the information, knowledge and teaching contained in these lessons that will guide you to becoming a great 5-string banjo player, and not the quality of the picture on your screen.

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In 2009, at the age of 60, I decided to learn to play the 5-string banjo. I searched the internet for lessons and struck gold when I found David Cavage's free banjo lessons at Musicmoose.org. His video hosting site revver.com was having some serious problems at the time so I downloaded as many of the lessons as I could whenever they became available. Revver.com stopped operating shortly afterwards and, sadly, Musicmoose.org is no more. I contacted David early 2020 and he told me he no longer had the original master videos and feared they may have been lost forever. This amazing course of free banjo lessons, from absolute beginner to advanced player, is too good to be forgotten, so this is my attempt to get David's work back out there again so that he can teach, inspire and spread the joy of banjo pickin' to more generations of budding musicians, just like he did with me. I've rounded up all the Moose stuff I could find and put it here, so start pickin' and enjoy!-------MooseHerder.